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A Full Service Real Estate Brokerage Company

The diversified background of the principals of Koehler Real Estate provide a very unique blend of experience, training, and education not often found in the real estate industry to best serve buyers and sellers of Texas farm and ranch properties and luxury homes. Our business model places the highest priority on a positive and successful client experience throughout the entire process of finding that special property.


We Are Here To Help

If you are a buyer, we achieve our goals by working with you to find that special property, that when you see it, you know you want it, and all along you the buyer knowing that we work only in your best interest whether it's negotiating the best deal for you, or how we care for your best interests through professional standards demanding the highest of ethical standards and honesty. This is where our education, experience, and values come into play to protect you, whether you're a buyer or seller, by serving only the buyer or the seller, but never both in one transaction. If you are interested in knowing more about the absolute importance of single sided representation, we are always available to discuss how this can dramatically affect you in your real estate endeavors.

Visitors to our website will discover thousands of properties for sale from several MLSs covering a large portion of Texas and the entire Texas Hill Country. Our goal has always been to provide the most user-friendly web experience available in the real estate industry today through illustrating the most properties for sale in an easy to use format that is straightforward and has the best features for searching for those individual details that a buyer is looking for. We consider the buyers' time to be very valuable so making available all the properties for sale that we possibly can is important to make the buyer's ability to see the broadest range of properties much more efficient. A very important component to our website is the properties are updated daily to add new properties for sale and eliminate those that have been sold. It is essential for us to have live real time data, because buyers expect that. Nothing is more frustrating for buyers than to continually encounter old stale information that has not been updated for properties that should have been removed. Although that will never occur on, we see if quite often on other sites where a properties are still advertised for sale that were sold years ago. 


Our Business Model / Experience And Knowledge

Our business model is setup where much of our business is helping buyers find the perfect ranch or home that they’ve been hoping to find. What has made us very efficient and skilled in doing this is our experience and knowledge of the ranches and luxury estates that are out there, those that are advertised and just as importantly those properties that are not advertised and sometimes referred to as pocket listings. Having that knowledge and the relationships we have with other high profile brokers gives us an advantage in finding the right ranch, the one you’ll know is right when you see it.


Straightforward Approach

Where we differ from many other selling brokers is that sometimes a particular ranch will be oversold or pushed very hard to you, and you'll be told about all the positives about the ranch, but not always the possible negatives. We operate much differently, and we are totally open about all the pros and cons of a particular property because we are not trying to sell you a particular ranch or home, we want you to buy a property that you are 100% sure is the right place for you. We accomplish that by showing you the best homes and ranches that are in your target range, by sharing with you our honest opinions which are supported by years of real estate experience, on what is the best investment as far as potential future ability to sell on a timely basis and what property and location provide you with the best chance for realizing a good return on your investment, and by continuing to show you homes and ranches until we find the perfect place no matter how many properties we need to see or how long it takes.


Confidentiality and Working to Best Serve our Clients

We always keep all conversations and information shared between clients and ourselves confidential. This allows for a honest and open business relationship that serves to achieve the goals of the client and broker. Further, we want our clients to be informed about the purchasing process, and as a result we'll make sure clients understand the importance of the contracting process. Important issue such as what to do when a seller won't deliver a new survey but rather wants only to provide a prior survey, or why it's important that a quick review by a real estate attorney should be considered. We want to ensure that when a contract is prepared that your best interest is always the most important consideration. Such issues as the timing of option period, the objections to the commitment period, special provisions, inspections, option and earnest money amounts, non realty items, proof of ag status, will all be addressed to protect you as the buyer. Importantly, our mandate is to assist you in the negotiations to obtain the lowest property price as contrasted with a seller’s broker who is mandated to obtain the highest possible price for the seller.


What else do we do for our clients?

Another key to our client success is what we do after the sale. We don’t disappear after the sell, we strive to provide a smooth transition into home or ranch ownership. If the client needs assistance for his ranch or home ranging from who are some of the area contractors, ranch workers, or lake management companies to the different ways to maintain the agricultural exemption for the land, we are there for you. The ag exemption and timetables for filing, for example, which is very important in keeping the property taxes at a rate which would be approximately one-tenth of the rate without the ag exemption needs to be addressed early on after the purchase. As with any purchase in a new area, knowledge of the resources available to use for various services is key to having success and minimizing the chance for any problems down the road. We can also assist in providing you information on how ranch ownership can provide tax benefits depending on how purchases are structured and classified.


About Harold Koehler, the Broker/Owner of Koehler Real Estate

Harold Koehler, the broker/owner of the company, has over thirty years of business experience ranging from real estate sales, real estate management, home construction, banking, accounting, and insurance. Previously, Harold was responsible along with other team members for the disposition of over $4 billion in real estate and bank assets from over 51 savings institutions. As a Vice-President and executive of two separate financial institutions, he was responsible for management and marketing of over $500 million in real estate assets. He also spent many years as a fiduciary for several companies where he was responsible for the administration of tens of millions of dollars of fiduciary funds. Combining this with his former experience as a home builder, an accountant and former Director of Internal Audit of a billion dollar thrift, his diverse experience and knowledge and attention to detail will provide buyers with the tools they need to ensure a successful outcome.

Being from a family that immigrated to America in the 1800s and settled in the farming and ranching countryside around San Antonio and New Braunfels, Texas has taught Harold the valuable lessons of country life and gave him an early appreciation of owning farm and ranch land in Texas. Long since those early years, the Texas countryside continues to transform into a vibrant, high-growth area with what appears to be an ever-increasing demand for land and homes. Land that long ago was owned for no other reason than to provide a living off the land is now held for the enjoyment and financial benefit of landowners.

Professional affiliations include:
• Licensed Real Estate Broker in Texas
• Member of the National Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, and SABOR
• Member of San Antonio MLS, Austin MLS, and Kerrville MLS

Harold earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Accounting from Texas State University (formerly SW Texas State University)

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