Property on the Devils River in Texas

Beautiful waterfront property for sale on Devils River in Texas

Waterfront property for sale on Devils River

The beauty of the Devils River is legendary, as it is known as the cleanest river in America. With its remote location being many miles off the main highway, the river continues to this day to be a pristine natural habitat, unlike the rivers located near cities throughout Texas that are overrun with tubers, kayakers, and people partying. Being in a remote location away from the major populations and most of the river being surrounded by large 5,000 acre plus ranches has resulted in a utopian oasis that is still as pristine today as it was for the past generations.  

Thinking of buying land on Devils River?

Nothing can compare to the crystal clear waters of the Devils River, and the peace and tranquility this property offers is unmatched anywhere. There is one location on the river where one can purchase a property, if one becomes available, that's less than thousands of acres, and that's within the Blue Sage Ranch. While both sides of the river offer a splendid opportunity to enjoy the river, many of the properties on the East bank of the river offer an even greater opportunity for awesome views of the river. Some properties are even further enhanced by some of the locations being on one of the deeper spots on the river while also having shallower waters to enjoy. With fast-moving water and deeper pools, the river offers year-round enjoyment for kayaking, tubing, canoeing, fishing, bird watching, and enjoying the wildlife, sunsets, and dark skies for star gazing at night. It is the ultimate getaway spot, safely located away from the large populous of people and problems of the big city, particularly considering the current state of affairs affecting the large cities today. Where else can one enjoy the pure waters of a fast-running river in an oasis in the middle of a very harsh and unforgiving landscape?   

Hard to find property for sale on Devils River

Having been a frequent visitor to the Devils River over the last 40 years, I can attest to the fact that many of the properties just don't come up for sale very often. Owners tend to keep these properties for life, and it may be many years before another Devils River property for sale in Texas comes up on the market. 

If you love the outdoors and nature, the serenity of being in a remote location, being an owner Texas land ranch on the most awe-inspiring river in America, and you are looking for a getaway far from the large populations and problems, a property on the Devils River could be just what you have been dreaming about. You will need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to access many of the areas on the Devils, as the terrain and topography have some steep hills and narrow passages. The Blue Sage Ranch East bank is located behind two locked gates, and part of the road is 4-wheel drive only, which is the way the residents like it, private and without the masses of the non-owners partying on the river. 

Wildlife, hunting, and fishing on Devils River

The Devils River brings in a host of wildlife that might not be commonly found this far west, including white-tailed deer, mule deer, blue quail, turkey, dove, javelina, varmints and songbirds, plenty of ducks, amazing migrations of monarch butterflies and raptors such as Bald Eagles and Ospreys that hunt the fish in the river. The crystal-clear waters of the Devils River provide fishing for largemouth bass and catfish.

20 acre parcels on Blue Sage Ranch

If you are not a current landowner but still want to experience the river and the beauty, serenity, and good times it can provide, there is a way that a non-landowner can participate in the enjoyment of the river. It's not for everyone, but there are river outfitters that can arrange for a one-day or even a three-day river adventure on the river in a canoe or a kayak. A word of caution, though, the river trip, while being a wonderful experience, requires individuals to be in good health and condition as the challenges the river presents can be difficult. With many rapids to traverse, and being so remote in location, once you are on the river, your options for extraction are limited. Absent an emergency, practically the only way off the river is to complete the journey. You won't see many homes throughout most of the river trip until you enter the Blue Sage Ranch, and many of those homes, which are located on 20-acre parcels and up, are not occupied on a year-round basis and are primarily used for getaway homes. 

So prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime, use a reputable outfitter, get yourself in good physical shape, and if you get the opportunity, see if this kind of getaway is for you.

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(Photo credit: Jack Johnson)

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