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Sell your Texas ranch by listing with a Broker or selling it as a FSBO

If you are contemplating selling your Texas ranch and making that big transition in your life, there are several important issues to consider. First, one of the main considerations is are you going to try to sell it as a ranch For Sale By Owner, or list the ranch with a Texas Real Estate Ranch Broker. Selling your Texas ranch as a FSBO (for sale by owner) can have many pitfalls for an inexperienced seller, including figuring out the value of the ranch land and the best advertising price for it. 

Determining what to price your Texas ranch at

Having access to comparable sales data for ranch land sales in Texas will provide the seller with a good starting point in determining what the property's value is. Of course, no two Texas properties are exactly alike, so adjustments are a necessity when determining your hopeful sales price. As a seller, you will need market comps to gain an understanding of the recent sales in the area, which provide you with the initial information to begin formulating a sales price. This is where an experienced Texas Ranch Broker can provide professional assistance. Knowing information about relevant Texas ranch land sales in the area is important to understand the market conditions at the time of putting the ranch on the market. Appraisers that provide this information in their appraisals are a great source of data, and experienced brokers usually have relationships with appraisers that are in constant touch with the market and sales prices. An experienced broker can also have this information readily available as well. A careful analysis of the sales data will give the seller a better idea of what the market conditions are and the approximate potential sales price that can be attained. In certain cases, consideration can be given to obtaining a market value analysis from the appraiser along with any work that a broker can provide. With the property being a significant investment, as a seller, you want to get the pricing right so as to attain a maximum price for your property. 

Advertising a Texas ranch land for sale

There are several ways to advertise your Prime Texas Hill Country land for sale, but a main consideration in advertising and reaching the market with your ranch is the maximum exposure to the widest audience that one can possibly reach. A key component in achieving this reach in today's environment is to utilize the internet. The internet provides the maximum exposure due to not only the number of people utilizing the internet but also the number of areas where the ranch will be exposed to the maximum audience. There are several approaches to how one uses the internet to sell a Texas property that ranges from a website that only advertises their ranches on their website to the websites that participate in the reciprocal exchange of property information to be advertised, which can propel property ads to thousands of websites throughout the United States. Through this reciprocal exchange process, a seller can achieve maximum exposure to buyers throughout the country. To provide a seller with this service, the seller would normally need to ensure that the property is placed in a MLS system that shares data with member brokers. There are other websites that have a broad reach outside the MLS data stream, but when you are selling your property and want the broadest reach, I always recommend placing the property in the MLS system. 

In addition to the MLS system, additional advertising can be pursued on other websites that, while not having the broad reach of the MLS system, might still have a website with some reach to entertain prospects on a reoccurring basis. 

What is the key to constructing a good ad?

When selling a ranch, putting together a great ad is of utmost importance. Great photos with enough photos to fully show the key points of the property or of paramount importance. A skilled broker can provide these photos, or they can utilize the services of a professional photographer. It's important to get enough photos to illustrate all aspects of the property, from homes to barns to the actual ranch land itself. Along with great photos, a great description that fully details the ranch is invaluable. Being all-inclusive with the data is something that prospective buyers appreciate because it makes their search that much easier. A lack of great photos and a lack of all the data describing the ranch will often cause buyers to glance over a ranch and move on to the next ranch without further consideration. 


These are only the basics of determining sales price and advertising, the process can be much more complex and involved, and there are many more factors that affect how successful internet advertising will be. If you are considering selling your ranch, I recommend discussing the sale of your ranch with Koehler Real Estate, and a quick visit to our website at can provide you with how a website that reaches the broadest reach appears. We were one of the first to develop the technique of the broadest outreach possible, as we have always strived to bring maximum exposure to the marketplace for our clients. So give us a call today at 210-422-1489, and let us help you sell your property.

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