Texas Ranch Land Investments

Investing in Texas Luxury Ranch Land with live water

Where's the best place to invest your money now? 

That's a question getting a lot of discussion lately. Is it the stock markets? Well, considering all the turmoil and volatility in the stock markets and the recent run-up in share prices, it's hard to find two so-called market experts that will give you the same opinion. With a lack of clear sustained direction and with the individual investor trying to compete with high-frequency traders in today's market, it's no wonder that the experts are confounded by a market no one can explain, and as a result, many investors have become uneasy and skeptical about where to put their money.

If you are one of the wary investors who has justifiably lost confidence in the stock markets, or you are tired of the low yields now being offered for CD's or other money investments, or if you are possibly concerned about the long-term prospects of a significantly weakening dollar and subsequent inflation that could arise, Texas Real Estate may offer a viable alternative for you. Prime Texas Real Estate, including luxury homes for sale in Austin or land and ranches for sale in Texas, may provide a more stable investment and a possible hedge against inflation resulting from a declining dollar. During the economic expansion since the early nineties, savvy investors have witnessed a strong land market and real estate market, and we've all heard the saying, "They are not making any more land."

Is investing in Texas ranch land a good decision?

Where's the market today regarding ranch land and acreage for sale in Texas, particularly the Texas Hill Country? Land transactions initially slowed slightly, but asking and selling prices seemed to have remained relatively firm, which is a particularly strong sign considering the amount of uncertainty in the national market during this economic recovery period.

Possibly, the strength in land prices in Texas during this recovery period is due to the fact that land values have usually increased over the longer term, even though during some cycles land values have paused or even decreased slightly. There's a sense that even if some land or real estate prices go down, eventually the prices will come back and rise to greater levels.

When you compare Texas real estate or ranch land in Texas to paper investments, some of which have been known to literally evaporate overnight, the difference is obvious: Land is substantial, it's something you can see, touch and know that it's still there, and enjoy the benefits of while you own it and invest in it.

In addition to the potential for positive financial results from investing in Texas ranch land and Texas real estate, one of the great aspects of owning a ranch is the enjoyment one can have while holding such an investment compared to other investments. Those paper investments don't allow you to sit back and enjoy the tranquility of nature and the outdoors, and don't forget there's fishing, swimming, hunting, hiking, and many other activities that abound for the adventurous spirit. I know the experience of many people with those paper investments has been anything but tranquil!

What about the expenses of ranch ownership in Texas?

You might ask, "What about the carrying costs of owning a ranch, like property taxes? Isn't it expensive?" Relative to carrying costs such as property taxes, in Texas, ranch land, which has the agricultural exemption in place, only pays a fraction of what property taxes would normally be due without the exemption. Many ranches in Texas with a minimum of 20-25 acres currently have the agricultural exemption in place, and far greater numbers of all of the larger ranches, from 100 acres to thousands of acres, have the exemption in place. We are now seeing more and more ranches that are becoming more diversified through wildlife exemptions instead of the customary agricultural exemption by providing habitat for certain species, which can also be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

What about other expenses of ranch ownership? Well, that depends on your budget and your plan for your ranch. There are several alternatives that ranch owners can decide from, and that's the exciting part of it. You might rather buy a ranch that is already highly improved, a gentleman's ranch, where it has been extensively manicured, where there's existing live water, lakes, homes, game fencing, and other improvements. Or you may rather buy a ranch that's more of a diamond in the rough, one that you can improve and enhance the value of by adding a water feature, homes or other improvements. Either way, ranch ownership can be a very rewarding experience that has both financial and personal benefits. And consider, that most of the expenses of maintaining and improving your ranch can be tax deductible, and we suggest that you might consult with a tax accountant who understands farm and ranch tax return preparation regarding the potential tax benefits of ranch ownership.

We are here to help you with your investment in Texas ranch land!

We would love to help you find the Texas ranch land or any other Texas real estate luxury property that would be a great match for you. That's why we designed our website in a way that you, the buyer, can see almost all of the properties that are for sale and available for purchase in an easy-to-use format that gives you many search alternatives. All of the properties advertised reflect their selling price and other property detail, so you, the buyer, can easily do your research without having to search multiple websites, none of which have all the properties for sale. Nothing frustrates a buyer more than to see those old real estate ads that don't include a price! You end up having to call for a price, wait for a return call, then find out it's not even close to your budget. All so someone can get your number and try to sell you something else. On our website, you have unlimited access, you never have to sign in like on other websites as we prefer for you to have unlimited access to the most information possible, and if you need or want our help, we are ready to assist you, and we'll strive to win your confidence in your search for a property by always maintaining our core principles of honesty and loyalty to those that choose to utilize our services.

And not only do we have most of the properties that are currently for sale and available, our properties are updated automatically every day to add fresh listings and remove those properties that have been sold. We also have access to other properties that are being marketed through alternative ways other than the internet. All we really need to know is what you are looking for, and we can help you find it.

And remember, if we represent you in a real estate transaction as a buyer's broker, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY BROKER'S FEE, IT WILL NOT COST YOU ANY BROKER'S FEE OR ANY OTHER KIND OF FEE OR EXPENSE. Those costs will be the sole responsibility of the seller and the seller's broker.

And most importantly, seller's real estate agent have a responsibility to get the highest price for the property for the seller they represent, while buyer's agent have the responsibility to get the lowest price for the buyer they represent........Who would you rather represent you?

Thanks for taking the time to visit the website, and we appreciate any comments you may have.

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